Living with passion as a currency

published on 02 July 2021

Happiness is a form of currency. It is desired and we trade it, work for it and lust after it as much as we do financial currency.

Markets and companies have learned to capitalize on this and capture the attention of generations through things like art, music, social sharing and even job satisfaction in recent decades.

We must be bullish on the pursuit of happiness and not facades of it - we must find out what it is that fulfills us personally and commit to that wholeheartedly. We must be borne with passion and pursue our interests and studies with fervor.

The day we give up on this is the day we die. Let us never stop living with the same passion and fervor as our mothers and grandparents before us.

Let us pursue our passions, whether it is learning a different language, coding, starting a new business or discovering a new nonprofit to give to.