How we plan to build BrightOn as a platform for creators

published on 17 May 2021

The creator economy is burgeoning, and includes everything from gaming, blogging, fashion blogging, teaching, cooking, podcasting, YouTubing, and Instagramming. Roblox paid out around $300M to its game creators in 2020 (a huge testament to the growing creator economy) and the creator or passion economy is ripe for more forms of creation for people to engage in.

With the creator economy allowing for people to make an income doing what they love, it is no wonder it is burgeoning. Both a motivational and income-generating platform that has rewards built into the system (the harder you work and better work you produce, the more income you generate). With a low barrier to entry and luring call to participate in fun micro tasks (i.e. Instagram post, YouTube video) it is easier than ever for people to test out a passion project.

BrightOn is no exception to the greatly opportunistic creator economy. With features like choosing the dress code for events in the invitations and sharing social media during live BrightOn events, BrightOn gives an opportunity for people to express themselves in myriad ways. 

BrightOn associates donating to nonprofits with celebration, not melancholy or a bleak outlook. It is revolutionary in associating mundane charity events with choosing an attire (i.e. casual, glam, semi-casual, formal or party) and allowing people to express themselves in a setting where they are being generous and giving money to causes in need with fashion. The ability to choose an attire for each BrightOn event also gives freedom to people to explore different fashion style.

Choose an attire for a BrightOn event.
Choose an attire for a BrightOn event.

Another feature, sharing photos, videos and going live from the event and sharing the media footage on the BrightOn feed and other social media channels like Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram combines social media with fundraisers and allows users to express themselves through media while donating to causes that they care about with the people they care about. This is a unique opportunity for users to share with friends, family and strangers (if they choose) about their in-kind donations, keep people in their networks accountable for remembering to give back to society and even bragging about their act of generosity and how much fun they're having while performing it.

BrightOn will provide other opportunities for users to reflect on their experiences from BrightOn events like writing and social media contests and offer special events like professional photography setup during a BrightOn event (and a feature on our company website) for active BrightOn users.

Giving and participating in nonprofits is a passion for many - 73% of Americans donated to charitable organizations in 2020 and on average, Americans donated 2.1% of their income. There is no reason why charitable giving should not be amplified in channels popular today like social media, encouraged and gamified.